God Sees Our Heart

The last couple of weeks I have been reading a few posts about holiness.

God has been speaking to me through them.

God cares about what lies in our heart.

Holiness is not defined by the clothes or makeup we wear. God wants us to look our best and take care of ourselves on the inside as well as the outside

Holiness actually starts in our heart and in our mind. It is the way we live our everyday ordinary life. It is about our heart towards Him.

Kari Jobe says it beautifully , “ Holiness is not a list of moral commitments ,Holiness is a type of heart that breaks every day before the One who is Holy and cries out:

Father have mercy on me that I am a sinner. I depend on you.

I love what Joyce Meyer says in her devotional "Trusting God Day by Day" . I believe we feel more confident when we look our best and take good care of ourselves. You are worth being cared for and don't ever forget it. You have value, and you should make an investment in yourself."

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